In business since 1989, we are a full service interior design firm offering one of the largest in-stock collections of contemporary, modern, and transitional furniture from any budget.


Available for shipping worldwide

In business since 1989, we are a full service interior design center offering one of the largest in-stock collections of contemporary, modern, and transitional furniture.

Furniture Rentals: Property Staging, Events

24-hour turn key

Offering every style at budget from classic to modern for furniture rentals to sell your home quicker. It's available for residential, commercial, and production events. We deliver comfort with style in 24 hours. Our Designer rental furniture can bring life to any home. We offer solutions for individuals, Corporations and the entertainment industry.

Custom Design

For every room in the home.

Custom design services for every room in the home—kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, offices, home theaters, doors, closets and interior millwork are just a few examples.

Affordable Luxury.

Luxury furniture does not have to be out of your budget – with our design concepts ranging from moderately affordable to the ultra-luxurious without compromising style and quality. Our custom packages and designs help you tailor all essentials according to your budget and requirements.

Rentals & Staging.

In our staging services the aesthetics of elegance and utility is merged, creating a balanced and trendy design for your space. Our services have been provided and used for different types of projects, such as: residential, commercial, hospitality, photoshoots, music videos, tv commercials, and films. The selection of our affordable high-end furniture create a unique space, making every project a successful one.

Eclectic Furniture.

A collaboration of multiple design elements merged into one space while simultaneously celebrating each objects individuality. It is a marriage of ideas enhancing and complimenting one another which births a unique balance. It is the cultivation of many thoughts fused to form one story.

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Monica Suleski

CEO and Designer

“A house is like a woman, and like a woman, a house needs to be dressed appropriately for maximum allure. Every day that passes that it isn’t styled, it isn’t fully enjoyed.”

Monica Suleski, is a visionary thinker and entrepreneur, whose mission is to construct multi-dimensional spaces that blur the line between fashion, art, and interior design. Monica is a CEO on the move, successfully founding and running two unique empires: her showroom which offers her clients everything they need to furnish their home and her company of Production Rentals for furniture and waterfront estates that are used for popular television and movie production studios such as: MTV USA & Europe, Bravo, HGTV, Univision, Telemundo, ABC, CBS and more. Realtors and developers entrust Eclectic Elements with all their staging needs transforming numerous homes on the market into Sold Real Estate. On her downtime for her personal investment she buys, builds and designs luxury waterfront estates for rentals and sales. Since Eclectic Elements’ inception, Monica’s designs have graced homes throughout the US and Caribbean. Projects include luxury estates, prominent residential properties and notable commercial developments. Renowned for delivering exquisite furnishings with sophisticated design elements, her clientele includes noted designers, architectural firms, Fortune 500 and more.

Monica provides a turn-key operation, meaning, we can have the home ready in 24 hours so our clients can start enjoying their home immediately. Eclectic’s expansive 20,000 sq.ft. showroom features hundreds of styles of furniture that are readily available for next day delivery even for custom pieces. A direct importer of furniture, lighting, and accessories, Eclectic provides shipping and design worldwide. Monica Suleski, daughter of a Polish father and Colombian mother, was raised between the traditional values of Philadelphia and the trendiness of South Beach. Upon graduating from high school, she moved to South Florida to attend the University of Miami, where her love for design and business was further cultivated. Her goal has always been to acquire knowledge and culture, after finishing college she traveled the globe to gain first hand knowledge on furniture production and manufacturing. She is a self-professed “machine” when it comes to staying fit and healthy. Monica maintains a positive work-life balance as she transforms homes.

For Monica, it’s all about positive thinking, backing up your idea with mindful, purposeful action and running with it.

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure to work with numerous celebrities and personalities. Recognized for creating highly opulent interiors, we approach every new project with the goal of exhibiting its own character; a specific identity that is appropriate and exclusive to each space and each client.

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