Furniture Rentals


Eclectic Elements Design Firm / Furniture showroom offers furniture rentals for property staging, with a large in stock inventory, in every style and budget, available for immediate delivery.

Realtors and developers entrust Eclectic Elements with all their staging needs transforming numerous homes on the market into Sold Real Estate. Our furniture rentals have proven to be very useful for production companies, music videos and photo shoots.
Customer satisfaction is our ultimate concern and we can deliver comfort with style in just 24 hours.

Our furniture rental division is dedicated to making your home look and feel everything else but temporary. Whether you need a single piece of furniture or furnishing an entire home, we can help design a space that feels like yours even if it is just for a short period of time. Our warehouse is stocked with high quality pieces to turn over your space instantaneously. Luxury living is made easy and at any budget customized to you.

Why rent?
-Home Staging
-Seasonal Stays
-Production Design
-Student Living

Our Process:
-We meet with you to establish a personal relationship to gain an understanding of what will allow your space to represent you.
-We source your interiors from our in-stock inventory located in a local warehouse for immediate delivery
-We fully install each room in your home by placing and arranging your furniture and accessories
-You enjoy your new beautiful space

Frequently Asked Questions:

How fast can you deliver?
-We can deliver comfort with style in just 24 hours
How much should I rent?
-Our designers will take a look at your floor plan and configure a customized plan to fit perfectly for your layout.
My lease has ended, now what?
-When it is time to return your furniture, just email or call and we’ll schedule a convenient time to remove it from your space.

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