About US

About Us

Eclectic Elements is a design firm with a furniture showroom.
Our team of designers begin working with clients at the specification stage, and continue through the rough-in, installation, and final adjustment phases. Blending aesthetics and personal taste with function.

We are a direct importer of furniture offering a large in stock inventory in every style and budget, available for immediate delivery.

We provide a diverse mixture of modern, contemporary and transitional styles to ensure that the desired mood is conveyed. Every project is a true collaboration of each client’s tastes, needs, and budget.

We provide all clients with a space that fulfills their needs and appeals to their sense of style. Our professional designers are eager to serve clients seeking a successful and interactive approach to interior design with our complimentary design consulting service.


Our Philosophy

Eclectic Elements is focused on turning client’s dreams and desires into functional living environments. We specialize in original design, innovative space planning, and rich use of color and texture. Our philosophy is to create dynamic environments which redefine indoor and outdoor living. The nuance of every project is to construct multidimensional spaces that blur the line between fashion, art, and interior design.